Blue Door Coffee Shop & Diner

Diner LogoA diner, but not in the conventional 1950s-sense of style. Unfamiliar with the traditional American eatery? Check out Barry Levinson’s movie, Diner , in which a Baltimore, Maryland diner features so prominently it practically completes an ensemble cast including Mickey Rourke  and Kevin Bacon. Great must-see movie…


The Blue Door is our take on the family kitchen diner, a space where friends and family gather to enjoy great food and great conversation.


Great food. As far as we’re concerned it doesn’t get much better than the iconic juicy hamburger—an American tradition—made complete with a serving of French fries.   We offer eight different versions of this classic including The Surfer Burger featuring our secret sauce and The Oklahoma, a cheeseburger topped with iceburg lettuce and slices of tomato. Our Bacon Burger is one of our top-sellers while our Breakfast Burger continues to surprise our more adventurous customers. Meanwhile, our Skinny Burger (dished up on a bed of salad instead of bread and served a ramekin of The Blue Door’s secret sauce on the side) continues to hold its own against our Half-Pounder.


Fish n’ Chips, anyone? The Blue Door features haddock from our local fish monger and a choice of garden peas or mushy peas.  Or perhaps a Panini or a baked potato? And let’s not forget The Blue Door’s Breakfast Menu (served from 10A to noon) featuring our Caithness Combo, French toast served with a side of crispy bacon, or our Floridian, a stack of pancakes with an egg and bacon.


As for drinks, take your pick: hot or cold. We use real ice cream in our milkshakes and offer you a range of flavours (Salty Caramel is a popular pick, and so is Oreo™). Also, we have a range of espresso-based drinks on offer (a latte or cappuccino anyone?) We use espresso beans from Glasgow coffee bean roaster Matthew Algie (which is where we get our giant cookies—we offer a selection for sale in cookie jars on our counter).


Let’s not forget our homebaking. We ‘ve always got on offer Pancakes (giant size—nearly the size of your face!), Cinnamon Scones, Carrot Cake, Brownies, Gooey Cake, and a selection of cupcakes (our Sweet Potato Cupcake is especially popular).


Great conversation. That part’s up to you!